if you have any ideas of what to do if your bored then tell me here! thanks!

by the way...i only take comments about your website if you leave a GOOD AND NICE comment about mine...please dont say bad things!!! THANKS!!!




01/29/2009 18:50

ur site rocks!!!! ur grate at making a website. who r u??? do u go 2 crossings?

02/06/2009 15:04

Yo! Can you visit my site and leave a comment telling me how to get videos on my website?PLEASE!:) Oh, and I'm so sorry about May. I have a cat that's 18 years old.

02/09/2009 14:26

I know another thing to do! Vacuum your lawn and wash a tree!

02/28/2009 07:05

i am new here! I like your site. I have an idea when you get junk calls. If it is a person talking, turn the call and pretend to sell them something--Its funny :)

03/04/2009 04:17

more pages

03/07/2009 07:37


03/08/2009 07:24

a person!!!!

05/27/2009 19:00

your site rocks i do the same thing i say bored alot

05/27/2009 19:09

are you catholic or christain

06/14/2009 04:56

Hi if your bored like me right now you can write a play, story, song, poem or make up a dance. It is better if you do it with friends. Another idea which is my personal favourite is listening to music and relaxing (whilst you can)!!! You could go to a theme park and have fun or just go out for lunch.My friend introduced me to this site and it is great!Hope you like my ideas!



Hi my ideas are swimming,watching the clouds, calling or texting someone, call over a friend walking, enjoying the sun/snow/leaves,doodleing, shopping,making up jokes and funny sentences, climbing trees and anything else to take your mind off bordum and enjoy random things!!! do something you enjoy!
Pam and Aimee

08/05/2009 08:29

Good site so i like the video's but now im bored whats fun on your site please respond oh and ur doing a great job.

08/25/2009 09:58

Hey your sites cool. I like this. I was actually bored and thats how I found you, and now I have someplace to go when Im bored. Thanks If you have time, please take a moment to view my site and respond to a blog.


Thanks in advance!

10/25/2009 13:51

Hi I have a idea ok u can drink water or soda or anything like that.

11/25/2009 13:10

I know! go to

Cool Site:P

11/29/2009 16:47

thank you for commenting on my website. I love your website because I'm always bored.I think crumpling up a piece of paper and trowing it into the trash can like you are shooting a basketball into the hoop is not a very good idea because, well I like to go green. I just love your website though.

12/12/2009 04:31

Cool! Hey, this really does beat boredom! Hey, can you do me a huge favor and go to my site at www.gamesgurl.weebly.com ??? It is an all girls game site, and its not just the games that come with weebly. pleaz leev a comment, and where it says auther, you can go to my other site, which is right below my name- not tellin u the site yet just go to www.gamesgurl.weebly.com!! Thanks!! :D

P.S: You seem about my age- i think you'd like the games on my site- anyway, the advertisments on the site i made, and they really do work and lead to my bffls twilight/newmoon site...it is really cool... so please go, comment, and come back! THanks! Bye! :D :D :D :D D:D D:D

08/09/2010 23:42

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