Things to do if your bored...

1.clean your room (haha...)

2.blow bubbles

3. Play soccer/bball/kickball a movie

5.make a website (!!)

6.make a collage

7.see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop (it took me about 800)

8.teach your pet a trick (you might as well, your doing it right now)

10. take a nap

11.Talent show with friends or family


13.jump rope

14.make a scrapbook (not the best idea...)

16. invite a friend over

17. Take pictures of your pets

18. throw yourself a suprise party!! (an idea by lp-lq)

19. visit other websites (go to the other websites link.)

20.crumple up paper and shoot them in the trash can like your playing basket ball

22. put an icecube in your hand until it gets numb (an idea by Steve)

23. make a list of things to do!!!

24. If you ever get junk calls or sells calls if its actually a person talking instead of a voice machine pretend your a different person or pretend to sell them something...its really funny!!!   (an idea by james)

25. Climb a tree

26. Swim

27. Watch the clouds 

28.take a walk

29. text someone sitting next to you! :)

30. play with something that you havent played with for years! :D